automaton robo-composer

Simple generative synth with fucked up UI. This is ported from a max standalone app I made a while ago based heavily on Youtube tutorials from (maybe) Andrew Robinson or Philip Meyer but I forget which now so I apologize to who it was. As it was originally a max only device, theres basically no Live functionality and the UI redesign for Live was done extremely quickly and poorly. It takes tempo in from Live and everything else is based on the clicking around the shitty UI elements. Since this is put together so sloppily theres a few things to keep in mind: -This synth DOES NOT accept midi, simply press play in Live for it to begin playing. -To begin you must select a note on the RED keyboard and either toggle "Auto-compose" or select a note on the BLUE keyboard. - Most importantly this is pretty much a toy. Have fun with it and don't expect it to be user friendly - its kind of ass to use -there's also probably a LOT of junk under the hood I did not clean up or forgot to delete.



two robo-composers with a few effects and filters

Max for Live download link